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Taajeer Group hands over the first ever all-electric SUV

Taajeer Group hands over the first ever all-electric SUV
بواسطة وليـد الحـربـي 07-16-2020 09:10 صباحاً
In a proactive step aiming to enhance the future of electric cars and sustainable transportation in Saudi Arabia, and in line with the Kingdom's Vision for the Future 2030, Taajeer Group, the sole dealer for MG cars in Saudi Arabia, delivered the first fully electric MG ZS EV model to the first Saudi customer, to be the first car dealer to take this important and bold step in the automotive sector

On this occasion, Eng. Hazm Jamjoom, COO of Taajeer Group, said: “The great success achieved by Taajeer Group with MG brand in Saudi Arabia is an incentive to take more effective and proactive steps in the automotive and sustainable transport sector with new energy, where we delivered the first fully electric vehicle to the first Saudi customer, who is one of the boldest customers who have made a strategic decision to contribute to this step”. He added: "The electric car industry has become promising opportunities and realistic challenges, and those opportunities can be enhanced to make the most of the future of cars in Saudi Arabia, especially as the Kingdom's Vision 2030 urges and encourages these steps for sustainable development. This is what Taajeer Group is seeking through its current strategy to encourage customers interested in the environment and who want to buy new cars, to join us in this exciting and thrilling journey towards the future, especially as the new MG ZS EV model has started to have positive effects on global markets

The new MG ZS EV is a highly versatile vehicle, capable of travelling for 335km (new European Driving Cycle NEDC) on a single battery charge and is equipped with fast charging which allows up to 80% of the battery to be re-charged in just 40 minutes. Power is delivered by a single electric motor that drives the front wheels and delivers 148HP and 350NM of torque – accelerating it from 0 – 100 km/h in just 8.2 seconds

The new model comes with a lot of features, featuring an advanced infotainment system with an 8-inch touch screen and parking sensors, lane departure warning system, lane-keeping assistance system and startup engine button
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